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Abortion Tonic and Mother’s Milk

If there’s one thing I’ve learned working outside the safety of my life, it’s that the story is always much greater than my naive Western, first world mind perceives it to be. Whereas I think life can be tough, I greatly underestimate the pervasiveness of the challenges the rest of the world faces on a daily basis. I was thrilled …

Madelene MetcalfAbortion Tonic and Mother’s Milk
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Nothing to Offer

“There were more than a hundred who died in this village that night. People were running and there was commotion. The rebels, they started shooting, so we entered one hut. They would just torch the house and lock it from the outside. All the rest of the people perished, so I thank God for taking care of me.” Those were …

Madelene MetcalfNothing to Offer