An Update on Lillian

Many of you have asked for an update on Lillian (click here to read Lillian’s full story, “Healing in the Story”), the child with the spinal cord injury that has left her crippled and incontinent. We actually visited her in Uganda just prior to the Gala on November 19th and learned that a widow has taken Lillian into her home permanently! In addition to that, Sweet Sleep was able to provide Lillian with an additional vinyl covered mattress and a six month supply of hygiene products and catheters. Our hope is to provide for Lillian on a continuing basis, decreasing her incident of infection and improving her quality of life. When I return to Uganda this summer, I will replenish Lillian’s supply of these items.

Because of these provisions, Lillian is now able to attend school and she sleeps in more sanitary conditions.

And of course, she no longer roams the village looking for a place to take her in at night. She has found a home! We are so grateful for you! We could not do this without your support. What an incredible journey it’s been. Thank you for your trust and faith in Sweet Sleep.

Lillian is why we give beds to orphaned and abandoned children.

She represents silent children around the world whose stories are waiting to be heard. The children we give beds to don’t simply lack a comfortable place to sleep, they have been through, seen more, and have known more loss than most all of us would experience in ten life times. In these communities, be they east Africa, Eastern Europe, or even here in the United States, beds are a luxury; a possession worthy of only the most elite. However to the children who receive a Sweet Sleep bed and their own Bible, it is an outward expression of the perfect love and unconditional grace their Father has for them. It shows them they are worth it.

This week, we’re providing 400 beds at $50 each to be handed out personally from our team on the first mission trip to Uganda in 2016. These will be received by kids just like Lillian and her surrounding communities. Demonstrate this gift of love and hope to your friends and family by providing a bed to a child on the other side of the world who is currently sleeping on the earth, on scraps of cardboard, or in pre-soviet era rotten beds. Doing so will change the life of that child, and in doing so may possibly even change yours. We look forward to an impactful 2016!

Merry Christmas,

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Madelene MetcalfAn Update on Lillian
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